Funky Golf Towels
Fashionable, Affordable & Fun!

We looked around for a funky, well-made golf towel that fits our personalities, and is made in the USA. What we found were standard industry specific golf towels with golf manufacturer logos or golf course logos. We wanted something different, something unique, something made in the USA that's woven and not image-dyed.

Introducing Funky Golf Towels! Our high-quality towels are colorful, bold, brilliant and uniquely different – just like you and your customers! A golf towel is an accessory, so change it up and Show Your Style!

Our mission is to create and provide fashionable, affordable and fun golf towels that are made in the USA. .

Contact information
Funky Golf Towels
PO Box 129
Horton, MI 49246-0129
Tel: 517.290.3688